Our primary goal is to provide professional training and safety compliance services for your company and your employees. We understand the balance between an effective safety program and a safe and efficient workplace.  

In recent years, industry workplaces have placed a greater priority on hiring safe workers.  There is a great need to ensure your employees are being properly trained.  
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Does the OSHA Act apply to your company?
How do I tell?
Is there a need for OSHA?
"Each year nearly 6,000 workplace fatalities,  50,000 deaths from work-related illnesses, 5.7 million non-fatal workplace injuries, and the cost of occupational injuries and illnesses totals more than $156 billion." 

-Source - OSHA Publication 2006

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We are a Safety Training Company serving Texas and New Mexico.  Our goal is to meet or exceed the Training & Compliance needs of your business!
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Most private sector employees are required to abide by OSHA regulations.
Exceptions include: 
Coverage that is provided directly by federal OSHA or through an OSHA-approved state program
Businesses that are self-employed or have immediate members of farm families that do not employ outside workers
(see reference for more details)

Reference OSHA 3302-06N; 02/17/2010: All About OSHA
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